Celebrating Komitas: Sounds of the Armenian Soul

In observance of the Armenian Genocide commemoration month, Glendale Community College pays tribute to Komitas, the founder of Armenian classical music, through a special concert organized by the Armenian Kids Festival.

Komitas is a key figure in Armenian culture, crafting his masterpieces amidst challenging times, surviving the harrowing experiences of the Armenian Genocide, and symbolizing the resilience of a nation's spirit.

Entitled "Celebrating Komitas: Sounds of the Armenian Soul," this concert offers a captivating exploration of Komitas's diverse compositions. The concert offers a rich tapestry of artistic expression, featuring quartet performances, a choir, and the soulful sounds of Armenian folk instruments such as the duduk, qanun, and dhol, alongside an engaging multimedia presentation. Each element harmonizes seamlessly to deliver an enlightening experience for the audience, showcasing both renowned musicians and talented students from art schools.

This meticulously curated concert aims to foster a profound appreciation for Armenia's rich cultural heritage among all attendees.

Seize the chance to be a part of this captivating hour of musical discovery and celebration.

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Tsakhkazard Celebration

We are excited to announce the 2nd annual Tsakhkazard Kids Festival, scheduled for March 24, 2024. We invite you to join us in celebrating Armenian culture and traditions on one of the most cherished Armenian holidays, Tsakhkazard, which is also declared a blessing day for children.

  • Performances
  • Games
  • Family

Following the overwhelming success of our inaugural Tsakhkazard Festival on April 2, 2023, which brought together over 5000 children and families, we are thrilled to recreate a dynamic platform where kids can showcase their talents while immersing themselves in Armenian culture.

The festival program will feature various educational institutions hosting booths with engaging activities ranging from technology and science to arts and crafts and culinary delights. Parents can connect with experts, gaining valuable insights into fostering healthy child development. At our booths, attendees will discover various services and products tailored to kids and families.

Our aim with the 2nd Tsakhkazard Kids Festival is to further cultivate cultural appreciation among children.

Save the date and transform this beautiful holiday into a day filled with enriching activities for the entire family!

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Why Attend Tsakhkazard Kids Festival?

  • Embrace Your Heritage

    Enjoy live music, drawing, playing, and learn to dance the traditional Armenian way.

  • Experience Chess Mastery

    Elevate your chess skills by participating in simultaneous exhibitions with grandmasters.

  • Build New Friendships

    Foster new connections and forge lasting friendships.

  • Savor Culinary Delights

    Indulge in a culinary adventure, exploring diverse flavors and cuisines.

  • Introduce Your Child to New Activities

    Ignite your child's curiosity with various activities ranging from science and arts to sports.

  • Meet an Expert

    Enrich your parenting journey by interacting with experts in child development.

What is Tsakhkazard?

Tsakhkazard (Palm Sunday) is one of the most beloved Armenian holidays, observed a week before Easter. The Armenian Church also declares this day a Day of Blessing for Children, symbolizing the joyful welcoming of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem by kids.

On Tsakhkazard, Armenian churches are adorned with palms and olive branches, which are distributed to the congregation after being blessed. People believe that keeping blessed willow branches and wheat spikes brings happiness and good fortune.

Tsakhkazard means "decorated with flowers" in English, and in pre-Christian times, this holiday symbolized the renewal of nature. The Kenats Tsar (the Tree of Life) was central to the celebrations. One of the traditions still observed today is decorating trees with eggs, symbolizing life, fertility, and rebirth.

Tree Of Life - Amerneian Kids Festival

The Tsakhkazard Kids Festival is organized under the auspices of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church of North America. The Armenian Church serves as the primary institution and central pillar for preserving Armenian identity, particularly within the Diaspora. The church celebrates spiritual and national holidays with grandeur, aiming to strengthen faith, devotion, and love for the homeland and Armenian nation.

The Armenian Church also designates Tsakhkazard (Palm Sunday) as a day for blessing children. During the festival, spiritual leaders from the Western Diocese will bless children and engage in readings to instill and nurture the Christian faith in their souls.

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