Oolik: Gift Box With Purpose

Oolik: Gift Box With PurposeOolik: Gift Box With Purpose

Our Story

As an Armenian living in Diaspora, it’s vital to keep the connection with Armenia and take part in strengthening the land of our ancestors. This becomes possible when you’re in touch with your Armenian identity - you feel it, know it, and identify with it. Oolik’s mission is to build that interconnection under the umbrella of the Love Toop Project. Our main goals are to contribute to Armenia’s economic development and help to maintain the Armenian identity in the Diaspora through our products.

About Oolik

Oolik is a unique project for Armenian children. It is a carefully curated gift box and educational source.

  • Oolik Toop is an exclusive gift box where each item will introduce children to Armenian culture and history in educational, interactive, and fun ways.
  • Oolik Toops are designed and made in Armenia. They are packed with hand-crafted treasures from the most talented artisans across Armenia. Every Toop you purchase helps support an Armenian business.
  • Oolik website offers educational resources about Armenian cultural heritage. It is also a parent’s guide to kids; activities, arts and crafts clubs, and healthcare.
  • Oolik brings specialists from a wide range of disciplines for your child’s successful development and growth.

Our Mission

Today, with so many products available for kids, we offer a new approach to choosing a gift with a purpose:

  • To educate Armenian children about their cultural heritage and contribute to nurturing their Armenian identity.
  • To empower and support artisans, small and medium-sized businesses in Armenia to improve lives and communities.
  • To connect you to your roots and people. We are passionate about using our resources to thoughtfully build personalized and lasting connections through shared experiences and values.
  • To unite Armenian businesses worldwide, becoming a unique platform for the idea & practice of unity.

Visit Oolik Today

Visit oolik.org today to learn more about our mission and how you can support our cause.